eduroam ® Internet Service began work on Faculty Of Mining and Geology

New global service for wireless internet access - eduroam ® began it’s work at Faculty Of Mining Geology. This service is available to all students, professors, lecturers and other staff who have a digital identity (user name and password) assigned at the faculty, and given by the Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES), in cooperation with Faculty Of Mining and Geology.

eduroam provides its customers safe, quick and easy access to the Internet around the world, for free, without having to open additional accounts. Using your wireless device (laptop, smart phone, PDA, etc..), you can access the Internet at our University, then through any eduroam access point within the Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES), or through access points across Europe and the world.

Currently, eduroam is available in a number of scientific research and educational institutions in over 35 countries in Europe and in Canada, USA, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan ... Map with access points in Serbia and also in Europe can be found at the AMRES eduroam site: Detailed instructions for use and access to the eduroam service is available at AMRES eduroam site

This service was developed within the European TERENA initiative, which was achieved through international GÉANT project in which participate European Academic and Research Networks. Eduroam service in Serbia provides Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES). Any additional information and a list of institutions participating in AMRES eduroam service, instructions for setting up and a list of available access points can be found on the website